Mozilla is an excellent platform for building classic arcade and console - style games. It provides the developer with many of the features that these games rely upon, such as images, sound, network connectivity, application logic (scripting) and UI (via XUL).

There are a number of game projects in works - some of which are hosted here. Most of the games are clones of arcade classics, such as Pacman and Asteroids.

In a way, our idea is like connecting a DSL line to a Commodore 64 computer. We're working on rewriting an arcade game from the early 80s using Mozilla technologies. By combining two different technologies from two very different times, we hope to be able to learn something new by examining a classic example of programming in a new way.

As the games are created, the work that went into them will be documented through a series of articles to be published on the O'Reilly Network Mozilla DevCenter. The second article in the series, Build a Game in Mozilla -- Part Two is now available, as well as the first article, Bleed early 80s technology: Part One.

The intention with the games is to show how Mozilla can be used to create non-browser applications. Other demonstrations of alternate uses of Mozilla like the Script Editor and XMLTerm already do this, although these tend to feel more like extensions of the existing Mozilla framework.

The games are a proof-of-concept design to show the full abilities of the open source Mozilla project. Contact us if you are interested in more information about this game, or subscribe to the mailing list to talk about this project with the community.

The games project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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